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Consulting Services

FREE Private Practice Checklist for Beginners! SEE Download Below!

Becoming licensed/certified can be very daunting and overwhelming whether you are a current student in a Master's counseling program or recent grad from a Master's counseling program or coming from a different/related field such as Education or School Counseling with different requirements or credit hours or maybe you're moving from a different state. Deciding the direction you wish to go can be complicated and people can get stuck.

Being a Licensed clinician, an adjunct Psychology professor, and a certified School Counselor for over 8 years has provided me breadth of knowledge and experience to help you. Currently, I am able to supervise Registered Mental Health and Marriage and Family Interns.

I offer a variety phone/zoom consultations for those looking to pursue clinical licensure and new career paths.

  • Brief FREE 15 minute one time consultation to determine if we are a good fit regarding supervision services.

  • For Registered Mental Health and Marriage and Family Interns, supervision fees are $75.00 an hour.  Supervision will be provided via video conferencing and/or Face2Face weekly/biweekly.

    • Please call or email to set up a time so that we may discuss your needs/goals.​

  • For those seeking Career Consultation services, I provide three 20 minute consultations where we will meet to discuss necessary steps/information that will lead you on the career track of your choice for a total of $125.  Reduced fee of $75.00 for 1st responders and ex-military and educators.

  • Ongoing consulting services where you and I can discuss a variety of topics which can include but not limited to studying for the required examinations for different certifications/licenses, agency work vs. private practice, pursuing academia, career counseling within schools and at the college level etc. for $100 an hour (3 hour minimum)

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